Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

EIA State Carbon Dioxide Emissions Data
Includes data by fuel and by sector

CO2 Emissions by Sector
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Data
    This EPA link provides the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program data for calendar year 2015. The 2015 GHG data includes public information from facilities in 9 industry groups, including 29 source categories, which directly emit large quantities of GHGs, as well as suppliers of certain fossil fuels and industrial gases.
  • Greenhouse gas Emissions from Large Facilities
    This EPA link shows a map-based 2010 Greenhouse Gas Emissions from large facilities across the U.S. Facility sectors include Power Plants, Refineries, Chemicals, Other Industrial, Landfills, Metals, Minerals, Pulp and Paper, Government and Commercial. Specific Data is available at State and county levels.
  • New Jersey CO2 Emissions (Metric tons) by Fuel Source
    This spreadsheet shows emissions of CO2 by fuel sources for each sector in New Jersey which includes Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Transportation, etc.
NJ Residential Sector CO2 by Fuel Source
NJ Commercial Sector CO2 by Fuel Source
NJ Industrial Sector CO2 by Fuel Source
NJ Transportation Sector C02 by Fuel Source